I Was Forced to Marry A Stranger When I Was Just 16 Years Old

Richa Saxenaby:

When I was a kid just like other kids my goal was also to get the proper education and be independent. I dreamed of going to college …


5 Places You Should Definitely Visit In India At least Once

Prapti Bhattacharyaby:

“ If you never go, you will never know”


What is Nonstress Test (NST)? Who Gets the Test? What the Test Does?

Richa Saxenaby:

Pregnancy is an overwhelming experience between hormones and morning sickness. Every woman faces one or the other issues during her pregnancy period but in this 9 month you will come …


How to Change Your LinkedIn Username


First, LinkedIn does not provide that exact URL. However, you can customize your profile URL! It will come in the form of LinkedIn also does not …

DepressionMental Health

Are You Depressed? Know About Depression

Prapti Bhattacharyaby:

Being depressed often feels like carrying a very heavy burden, but you are not alone in this struggle. Millions of Americans suffer from some form of …

Inspirational Quotes

20 Bad-Ass Harvey Specter Quotes

FortyFourFeed Teamby:

Harvey Specter is one cool lawyer. He’s a smooth mover,sharp-witted, wise with words and ever ready with a quotable one-liner. He’s the picture of professional success. …


Watch: A time-lapse video by a mother of three shows the sleepless nights of motherhood

FortyFourFeed Teamby:

‘Parenting doesn’t end when the sun goes down.’ Melanie Darnell is famous on Instagram as “fitmomma4three”. She uses her account to share fitness videos and healthy …

Plus SizeTravel

Travelling as a Plus Size Girl Saved My Life


Hello, readers!I’m super excited to start sharing my adventures as a plus size traveler with you all. I’ll start with a little back story. I’m 26 …

Inspirational Quotes

12 Human Rights Day Quotes for 2018

FortyFourFeed Teamby:

Our latest collection of Human Rights Day quotes on Forty Four Feed. December 10 is Human Rights Day, a day to commemorate the United Nations General …


Watch: Most children can no longer tell the time on an analogue clock (but they try hilariously)

FortyFourFeed Teamby:

Digital killed the moving hands of the clock. Most children no longer have to learn to tell the time. It stares them in the face in …

AnxietyDepressionMental Health

Mental Health Doesn’t Have A Face

FortyFourFeed Teamby:

It doesn’t look a certain way. It doesn’t act a certain way. It’s not there one day and gone the next. It’s ever changing and ever …

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