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20 Bad-Ass Harvey Specter Quotes

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Harvey Specter is one cool lawyer. He’s a smooth mover,sharp-witted, wise with words and ever ready with a quotable one-liner. He’s the picture of professional success. …


Watch: A time-lapse video by a mother of three shows the sleepless nights of motherhood

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‘Parenting doesn’t end when the sun goes down.’ Melanie Darnell is famous on Instagram as “fitmomma4three”. She uses her account to share fitness videos and healthy …

Inspirational Quotes

12 Human Rights Day Quotes for 2018

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Our latest collection of Human Rights Day quotes on Forty Four Feed. December 10 is Human Rights Day, a day to commemorate the United Nations General …


Watch: Most children can no longer tell the time on an analogue clock (but they try hilariously)

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Digital killed the moving hands of the clock. Most children no longer have to learn to tell the time. It stares them in the face in …

AnxietyDepressionMental Health

Mental Health Doesn’t Have A Face

FortyFourFeed Teamby:

It doesn’t look a certain way. It doesn’t act a certain way. It’s not there one day and gone the next. It’s ever changing and ever …

Body TalkFat Positivity

Your Body Is Not The Enemy

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Our culture tells us on a daily basis that our bodies need to change. That our bodies aren’t good enough. The latest fat burning pill will …

Sex Positivity

70 Sexts That He’ll Definitely Masturbate To While Reading

FortyFourFeed Teamby:

1. I’m horny AF. 2. Every time you text me, I get wet. 3. I just reached a hand into my underwear and can’t believe how wet I am. …

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