How to Change Your LinkedIn Username



First, LinkedIn does not provide that exact URL. However, you can customize your profile URL! It will come in the form of LinkedIn also does not have the concept of a username, so the exact phrasing mentioned in the question wouldn’t have something to match the username. This is my

Here is how you can change your username:

Each platform is a little different. Here’s how you do it today on desktop web:

  • When you log in to your account click on the Me section after that click on the Edit public profile & URL.
  • A new tab will open.
  • You’ll see the edit URL again with an edit (pen) icon next to it. Click on that icon.
  • Type in the custom URL you’d like in the text box that appears. Click on Save.

There are few rules and they are listed below the text box. The system will warn you and reject the name if someone else has already taken it. There’s also the possibility that someone is taking the name at exactly the moment you are. If that happens, you’ll get an email that lets you know the naming didn’t work. (It’s very, very rare for that to happen, but with 400 million members, even very rare things actually happen!)

This URL that LinkedIn lists for your public profile, whether customized or not, is the one that’s best for sharing. There are other URLs that work to get to your profile. However, none are as compact and self-explanatory as this one. This is the one that should go on business cards and be shared on-line. It’s also best for SEO, if you care about getting your profile viewed.

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