I Was Forced to Marry A Stranger When I Was Just 16 Years Old

Richa Saxenaby:


When I was a kid just like other kids my goal was also to get the proper education and be independent. I dreamed of going to college and being independent because that was really inspiring in my eyes but as I was the only girl child in the family, my father wanted to get rid of me and fixed my marriage when I was only 16 years old. Within a few months, I got married to a total stranger and he was not as good as I thought. He didn’t respect me at all, I was just satisfaction for his physical needs and that resulted in me being pregnant with our first child when I was just 17 and a half years old. I thought after our first kid he will be a little caring towards me but it didn’t happen and he started being a little violent and started slapping me whenever I questioned about his whereabouts.

A year passed and I was pregnant again with our next child my In-laws were happy but I was not happy because the one person who I wanted to be happy with me don’t even care about my emotions. His behavior was getting weird. My In-laws were also not giving me the kind of respect and love I was hoping from them. They used to see me getting treated badly by my husband and they would say nothing and do nothing and when I was pregnant with my second kid their behavior also got really bad towards me. I was just surviving there living as a maid and childbirth machine. I had our second baby and was happy to have him but my husband got more frustrated with me I was not able to understand what his issues were with me.

One day when I came from the green-market my husband was in a mood to fight with me and started fighting and abusing me. I was tolerating it but then he started hitting me in front of my kids so I pushed him and locked myself in a room. He kept banging the door but a few minutes later he stopped and there was pin drop silence I could hear my heart beating really fast as I was too afraid to come outside of the room. I waited for two hours with my kids in the room thinking about what should I do. I came outside he was not at home that was the day he left me, our kids and his family. I used to wait for him every day but months later I REALISED he is gone and not coming back. A year later my In-laws threw me out of their home like I meant nothing for them. My eyes were filled with tears and I was holding both my kids in my arms as they were just two and three years old respectevely.

I was just 20 years old with no money, no clothes and with the responsibility to raise two kids on my own. I had no education to look for a job or work anywhere, so like every normal person I also turned to my parents because they were partially responsible for my condition by not giving me proper education and telling me that my husband is my life but I guess he was just there to hit me and satisfy his physical.

I wanted to work and earn money so I can feed my boys and afford all the expenses which come with being a mother of two small kids so I started working as a maid. First, it was just one house where I was working as a maid but as I started learning and being really fast at my job I started working in more houses. My brother and her wife really helped me at that time when I was cooking food at other people’s house they were looking over both my kids feeding them food and changing their diapers. When I started getting paid enough I changed my shift so I can look over my kids more often.

Few years later, I build my own house and provided my kids with all the facilities they needed. Both my sons are graduated and married and have two kids each.

I am 60 years old right now and both of my son wants me to stop working as a maid but this job is what made me independent so I don’t want to quit it and as long as I’m healthy and can work I am going to work. It gives me a sense of independence and happiness.  

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