Mental Health Doesn’t Have A Face

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It doesn’t look a certain way.

It doesn’t act a certain way.

It’s not there one day and gone the next.

It’s ever changing and ever evolving.

It looks different on different people at different times of different days.

Just because I’m smiling and clean and have makeup on and am out with friends doesn’t mean my mental health or physical health issues have disappeared.

It just means I’m managing them differently today than yesterday.

There is no better or worse way to have a mental health problem.

Someone who stays in bed all day isn’t ‘worse’ than someone who gets dressed and goes to work.

It’s just different.

There is still so much stigma attached to having mental health disorders.

It’s our job to understand them, to encourage speaking about them, and to break down the barriers for those people who don’t get it.

If you’re someone who is lying in bed today, unable to shower, or shave, or eat.

Keep going. You’re doing so well and I’m so proud of you.

If you’re someone who got up at 5:00 AM, got to work on time, and is having a productive day.

Keep going. You’re doing so well and I’m so proud of you.

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