Body TalkFat Positivity

Your Body Is Not The Enemy

FortyFourFeed Teamby:

Our culture tells us on a daily basis that our bodies need to change. That our bodies aren’t good enough. The latest fat burning pill will …

Eating DisorderLGBTQ+

Yes Fat People Can Have Eating Disorder


Something you don’t see when people talk about ED is non-thin people. People have this idea of what it means to have anorexia. They cut to …


Being A Teen, By a Teen

Elizabeth Phillipsby:

I remember once, my mum told me that my teenage years would be the best time of my life. “There’s never a dull moment. You’ll find …


Pros and Cons of being Passible

Kendal Killzzby:

The term passible is a very touchy subject and I do not believe you have to be what society considers normal to be yourself. I think …


Plus Size Trans Woman Obsessed With Loving Herself

Kendal Killzzby:

Hi,I’m Kendal Blaire and I am a Plus Size Trans woman but I am more than that I am also a Fashionista, Youtuber, Makeup and Hair …

Sex Positivity

70 Sexts That He’ll Definitely Masturbate To While Reading

FortyFourFeed Teamby:

1. I’m horny AF. 2. Every time you text me, I get wet. 3. I just reached a hand into my underwear and can’t believe how wet I am. …

LGBTQ+Sex Positivity

How I Found Out About My Sexuality


Honesty is very important to me. So this post is going to make me uncomfortable. And if you know me personally it may also make you …

Plus SizeTravel

Travelling as a Plus Size Girl Saved My Life


Hello, readers!I’m super excited to start sharing my adventures as a plus size traveler with you all. I’ll start with a little back story. I’m 26 …

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